March 4, 2020

Dragon Up: Idle Adventure

Dragon Up: Idle Adventure is an "idle game" produced by East side games, in collaboration with IdleKit and night Garden Studio. The game is available on Android and iOS. At the time of writing this I couldn't find the original release date. On the official site the games synopsis is as follows.

Tap your way through the Dragon Kingdom in this colorful and fun animated idle adventure Game!

Collect ALL the dragons and rake in gold coins from beautiful dragon nests to unlock rare dragon, epic dragons and new habitats to expand your kingdom! Once you collect enough coins, feed them to your trusty pet dragon Billy and watch him turn them into amazing treasures.
Game play: The game play (if you can call it that) is pretty strait forward. You are given enough gold at the start of a round (Day per the game) to set up your first habitat for your dragons. As the game is idle, gold will build up in that habitat and can be collected once the counter reaches it's max. As gold increases you'll unlock the ability to open up other habitats to produce gold as well. Habitats can also be automated to collect gold automatically but only after specific perimeters are met. At the top of the screen is a bar that represents the "day's" tasks. once you've met all of the tasks your main dragon can be "fed". To feed your dragon you're taken to another screen where you tap the screen to feed your dragon. I've found that no matter how you tap your screen the dragon will eat at the same consistent rate so there is no way to boost your rewards from eating no matter your technique for tapping. After collecting your rewards from feeding your dragon you start another "day" of collecting gold from your dragons. Each dragon and habitat can be upgraded from obtaining cards. The upgrading is what allows you to automate the gold collecting. 

Paywall: There are four main currency within the game. First is the gold which is earned by the idle processes. Next is potions that are earned from various tasks as well as purchased. You can purchase the potions with the third currency which is diamonds. The Diamonds can be earned as well but is also the only purchasable currency with real world money. The final currency is the cards that can only be earned from the various tasks in the game. This game practices a very predatory economy within the game. Each habitat to be upgraded to be able to automate gold collection requires either your dragons or habitat to be upgraded to a specific point. The only way to upgrade either is with the potions. Potions can be earned but the earning potential is very minimal and most times requires you to watch an in game ad around 30 seconds long. Or you can wait for your free potions every four hours. Either way the amount of potions that will be required far exceeds what you are reasonably given for free. 

Replayablity: This type of "game play" will defiantly keep a person with a specific personality type coming back again and again. As for myself it doesn't hold water. I found that it was a chore to continually log into the game to "play" it to give a fair review.

Judgment: This doesn't even merit the title of "Game". This is the type of game that gets mobile gaming labeled as not gaming by the gamer community. This game does not get the Budget Arcade seal of approval. There are far better ways to waste your time and your phones memory on than this.  

Review written by Scott Taft.

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