June 28, 2022

Quick thoughts on West Hunt


A more formal review is coming eventually, but I wanted to get some thoughts down on West Hunt, the game I’ve been playing this past weekend.

I totally dig the look of West Hunt. The voxel art fits the game perfectly. The gameplay for West Hunt is easy to understand. The social deduction game isn’t a very social affair though. As a sheriff you need to look out for the bandits. As a bandit you have a list of tasks to complete. If you can complete the tasks before the sheriff finds you out you win, otherwise the sheriff does.

The gameplay loop is simple, but effective. As the sheriff you really have to be on the lookout for misdeeds. As a bandit you have a long laundry list of tasks to complete, but also attempt to look like an npc. The game gets intense the further into a round you get. When I only have one or two more tasks to complete is when the game truly gets interesting. As the sheriff this is when I begin to really worry.

All of the good feelings I get from West Hunt are undone by the matchmaking. There seems to be little to no player base. Anytime I try to enter into a 2v2 matchmaking game I have sat on the waiting screen for over ten minutes before giving up. I’ve had better luck with the 1v1 mode.

Right now West Hunt also feels very one-sided. The game seems designed for the sheriff side to come out on top. The laundry list of tasks for bandits is so long that I feel that I mess up at some point, making it easy for the sheriff to realize I’m the bandit.

I'm looking forward to trying West Hunt out with a full group of 4, hoping that this can become a go to party game for my online friends. 

The podcast episode for West Hunt comes out on July 19, giving me plenty of time to get more games in and see how I really feel after more than just a couple of hours.

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